Gold on the Ceiling.

The Black Keys. 

Okay. Truth.

tiki men fix With the days, months after college graduation, one could easily stumble into an abyss. There is just so much free time –  overdoses of TV, Xbox, FB, then FB, gym re-acquaintances, actual phone calls. However, that honeymoon phase soon wears itself out, and one is then faced with the critical question: What’s next? The usual route to pursue would lead towards a “stable” employment situation, family, rented apartments, bottles of wine. And there’s a big concern resting upon job security, especially within the capricious economy (Romney 2012!) and unavoidable inflations of regular goods (seriously, coffee. $9.00?!). It’s about surviving to the best of one’s ability, and hopefully not living paycheck to paycheck. But then again, I’m still young and there’s plenty of empty space in the wisdom department. See personally, I learn through actual experience – you can only listen to stories, advice, and “the good old times” so much before your ear switches to sleep mode. I guess I’m just stubborn like that. Therefore, there’s a feeling in my gut that yearns for adventure. To try something completely new that’ll cut me out my remote comfort zone, and doing so with an open mind. No fear, no regrets. Not dealing with the “what ifs…” Therefore, I would like to travel the world! Living out of a backpack. Hands glued to either a camera or pen. Or both. Hm. On a more realistic note, I’ll just be concerned with one place at a time first. Some sort of job would be ideal. And then getting a Master’s Degree in Journalism or Communications. I guess living on the wild side will just have to wait a bit. So, pause? Now, to the point. After witnessing the bleak prospects of the job market, and receiving numerous voicemails from health (more like death) insurance companies about employment opportunities, I decided to consider all my options. Sure, pro and con lists. And no, don’t dwell. I happened to remember my mother and grandmother discussing the business of teaching english. Apparently it’s a great chance to learn Korean and hang out with the kids and oh, live in Korea (!!). I thought about it. Why not. What exactly would I lose. I’m half Korean for shits sake. And I’ve been there before, hopelessly falling in love with their vivacity of life. Everything felt so alive there and being intimidated by bustling ‘ajumeonis’ was quite refreshing. Their matching hats and rubber shoes are just cute. So, teaching. Never have I ever really taught for real. I mean sure, I’ve spent a quarter in college teaching Italian to elementary kids, but that was only once or twice a week – it cannot really count as legit. Plus, the whole poking each other in weird places and openly farting thing? Did not see that coming. But, I remember them being adorable and so eager to learn a new language. When I was their age, I think I was still figuring out how to draw ponies or match my own socks. Those kids, their bright eyes and hustle blew me away. But what thwarted me was that I’ve always considered teaching to be a special calling. Regardless of what anyone says, not everyone and their mother can teach. It’s like conducting a carpool; those kids depend on you to get them where they need to go, safely and surely. And there are a lot of bad drivers on the loose. I rested upon the notion that if this whole situation worked out, and I actually got a job somewhere over there, it was meant to be by God himself. That self-conversation was conjured up back in July. It is now October. Success. (?) No, but actually, this limbo time was important. Despite some frustrations and Nutella binges, I realized I needed to have a set plan of why I was heading to Korea and for what. What did I hope to accomplish. And was I going for the right reasons. There were too many instances in the past where I jumped to action without thinking it through. Baaaaad. And never again, thanks. So here I am, sorting through the uncertainty of life and deciding upon what it is I really want to do. I got it, write. Writing about experiences, downfalls, epiphanies, even the monotonous. That’s my strength and I’m holding onto it with both hands. Teaching in Korea, well. It will strip away the rose-colored glasses, and help me figure out how to stably stand on my own two feet. It wont be college and it definitely wont be Beavercreek, Ohio. But there’s just so much to gain. Representin’ OSU real good holmes. It’s going to be one hell of a waffled, shambolic ride.


Annnnd here we go.

 Happy face.



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