Break? Team George. or Team Wade.

Look. Normally, watching the adventurous, save-the-people type shows is what goes down around here. You know, like cop dramas or NCIS. But I get to use Netflix now, which opens a whole new perspective on what’s out there. One fine day, I go on a wtf kind of search, seeing what’s new and what should strongly be avoided. Then, I see a show cover with Rachel Bilson. I’ve always liked her, especially her super sweet fashion choices (super short striped shorts). And her mastery of smokey eyes. So, I pressed play. Annnnd now I’m sorta hooked.
Look, I know all that frilly, sweet lemonade sipping, rad gossiping, small town imagery is beyond fictional (and pushing ridonkulous?). However, the characters really grow on you. Especially, the men. Lavon Hayes, Wade, eh maybe George Tucker for others. Me? Oh, I’m Team Wade, all. the. way. Lavon would surely be the BFF type. I don’t remember being too hot and bothered by southern guys – rednecks don’t often seem the pleasant type. First hand experience while inhabiting OH-IO – or maybe they are different than hicks? But after watching that concoction of frankness, dirty talk, and utter charm, my mind has been blown. “That’s my girl.”
Realistically speaking, that kind of guy may be categorized as rare: a bad boy with sentimentals. With the scruffy face, playful eyes, a smile that can make any girl giddy. Oh, and did I mention the vein popping arms? Those too.
See, hot and bothered right quick.
The problem is that nowadays, in the real world, men are turning way metro. Borderline gay. With all their own grooming products and…waxing routines? Tight jeans can be tolerated, but not the skintight “bandaged” shirts, full on pink outfits, white sunglasses. Just. Gag me. What ever happened to the manly stuff. Plaid shirts, levi jeans, janked up elbow sleeves, doc marten’s, weathered skin. You’d just feel a bit more balanced around them – more sexy. Chicken arms are a no-go, I don’t care how soft their hands are. Jergens would be thrilled. But really. Where is our modern society heading – a big red flag when it’s hard to tell who’s homo or hetero.
I look at Wade, and smile. He’s pretty much a normal guy, full of faults, boyish agendas, and inner “drive” which tends to hide most of the good. But, he’s the kind of man that’s just as vulnerable as the rest of us – and no high number of one night stands will ever thwart that. Plus, those instances of heart prove that at the end of the day, you know he’s dependable. He drives you crazy, and you do just the same to him. Fighting is a given. Emotions run rampant, words are messy, and half the time you don’t know what the hell you’re feeling.
But, like I said, it’s all part of keeping those butterflies alive.
When “men” try so hard to dress well, talk a good game, flatter everyone within earshot, it severely irks the majority beyond belief. Because 9 times out of 10, they have shit personalities. Eh, I guess women are like that too. Yeah, okay, we’re pretty pathetic at times. But moving beyond all the pretender personas, toward shaved chests and manicured nails, their shit side is bunched up with unnecessary femininity. It’s like, “Look dude, put down the man purse and grow a pair.”

wade and zoe


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