Flaggin a Ride.

The Divine Fits.


T minus, maybe, 5 days? Or 6. Or plus 3.
Countdown is still on. I haven’t received an exact date on when I’ll be peace-ing out of of Ohio. Last step is waiting on my passport to come back from the Korean Consulate – crazy weird sending that kind of sensitive material through the mail. Crazy fun too, the post office isn’t exactly the smoothest process to use. I think my plane ticket is going to be set up this week seeing that the school wants me to arrive before 5th November, which is a Monday. Going to be hella jetlagged for that first day of class. Right on.
I’m a bit discombobulated on the packing – never have I ever been the best packer. I think I’ve packed and repacked at least four times. So far. And figuring out what’s essential versus what’s hm. not? has been quite a challenge seeing that I need to bring enough for an entire year. And there’s a 50 lb limit for each check in bag, 2 bags total. So do I really need all 10 sweaters or 5 pairs of shorts (in winter?) or a mountain of crappy house T-shirts? To the cloud. I’m hoping to only use one big suitcase and a duffel bag, and a backpack. Bringing the guitar is still in consideration. My Walden is quite loved, but not entirely paramount.
This whole moving to Korea thing has not made me too overly anxious. More like nervous-hopeful-excited meshed into one vibrant emotion. I’ve been a military kid all my life, used to moving from place to place every two years before college. And it helps that we’ve visited Korea a few times before. So in the back of my mind, I know I can adapt. Eventually. It’s comforting to know that I will be able to walk down the street and buy some steamy, spicy kimchee soup to reach some zen. While practicing some broke ass Korean. Hey hi hello.

We will rock you.



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