The Temper Trap.

There’s now a hiccup. The mother of all hiccups.
They pushed forward my date of arrival to 25th November. And I was supposed to leave in less than 5 days.
Last night, I was half asleep, bobbing my head back and forth while watching “The Trip”. Well, actually don’t even remember the beginning of it. But before deciding to turn off the laptop and trudging to sleep, I decided to check my email one last time. And there it was, an email I used to be anxiously waiting for. One that would contain my e-ticket and what day I was departing exactly. I was super excited. Then, I opened it.
Due to the internal reason of the school, your school want you to be arrived in Korea on/around 25th of Nov.
Sorry to give you an inconvenience.
You will get your itinerary soon.”

Ouch. Not cool. I began thinking, Hm. why. Maybe there’s problem with the apartment search. Maybe there was a misunderstanding with the previous teacher’s contract. Or maybe, they’re just looking to see what other applicants are out there now (!). And when they find one, they’ll conveniently let me go. “Yo, sorry for the inconvenience.” But they already gave me my visa number, so why change of mind now? I’m beyond aware that they’re not too fond of my past military experience. They were sure to make that a point of concern. For the sake of the children. But a phone call and two emails later, they were quickly assured that I was a “very nice lady who really wants to teach kids.” I’m waiting a bit for an email from the company I’m linked with, maybe they’ll reassure me there’s nothing of concern going on. But so far, it’s been crickets. I’m not overly disturbed, yet. Crap does happen, and life tends to be messy. I’ve waited this long (4+ months and a wake up) so what’s another 4 weeks right.
I’ve just sent an email in reply, hoping to get some more information. Deuces?

Hours later, an update.
He said they do need me, but the starting date was just delayed. Hope that’s the real deal. I’ll just chill out for a few weeks more, filled with you, Stella, and the gym.



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