Imagine Dragons.

keep away

The sun is out. Again. A pleasant surprise. I’m thinking spin class sounds awfully good right now – 3 hours til then. So, I’m kind of, sort of killing time here..
Being given weeks (more so an entire month) before the actual move hasn’t been too bad. I’ve got to recheck my to-do list, buy more deodorant, declare silent war with a friend, VOTE. Although the latter did not turn out well. at all. Oh, Romney. We were pulling mad hard for you dude. On the flip side, wow. Am I dying. It’s like everything is on pause, with the yellow light flashing obnoxiously in my face. Before November, days were speeding by and I was actually worried that there wouldn’t be enough time to get everything ready before going MIA. The first thought that came to mind? “Yes. okay. No sweat, I’ll just make good use of my time by reading, getting reacquainted with grammar quirks, learning real Korean phrases. It’ll be swell.” And, well. I have yet to start all that. I mean, I’ve looked at some Hanguk words. They sound familiar? Enough to form a short string of essential utterances. Possibly. No worries. I’ll just be the foreigner that walks around with lame, colored notecards and (hopefully) not rude hand gestures.

An yo ha sae yo! Man na so Pan gap ssuhm ni da. Moh? Oh mo mo mo. Tong shun, gang pei? Noh Chu goh leh? An yo? Kuh dum. It doh pah yo.

Hm? I might get beat up. Better stick with the basics.

Killed 5 minutes. Woohoo, go me.

Dancing Shaq


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