Let it Roll.

Flo Rida.

the kiddos.

Safe to say, complete fail on keeping track of life in the ROK through blogs.
Anyway. I have successfully arrived here and started my new teaching job at the LCI Academy. It’s been what, two weeks? I’m still trying to get the hang of things. Without saying FML 200 times a day. My work hours are from 0950 to 1830, MTWTF. Some days are longer than others and Monday and Tuesday can be rough, but by Thursday it’s all downhill. I have one main class of 6 year olds (actually they’re five, but we go with their Korean ages) from 0950-1430. A grand total of 11 delightful children.Then, from 1440 t0 1830, I usually have classes for higher level kids, more like 11 year olds. Probably, they are my preference – less chances of hearing bloodcurling screams. Plus, they make jokes which is a nice bonus. My kids tend to be on both sides on the spectrum: hard working or not so much. Most of them are bright! But then many succumb to laziness – encouragement is key yo. I am not really a fan for the whining or crying over weird things. Like not having a pencil because it is in your backpack and you do not want to walk 2 feet to grab it and your shoes are also untied and you have a invisible boo boo on your pinkie finger and the eraser in your hand is not yours but you do not feel inclined to admit it and you hate writing anyway so you sit there and doodle with someone else’s pencil. Ha. But they get cute real fast again.
Sometimes, I wonder – how the eff did I end up teaching? I used to pretend being a teacher as a kid, but none of those aspiring jobs really stuck (ie. doctor, singer, government agent, traveller). It’s like going in a full circle. As Helen Keller.

“Look Ma! No hands!”


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