Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe.

Kendrick Lamar, the remix.


Being in Korea, I’ve learned to embrace all the changed plans, new experiences, curveballs. It is just inevitable. And has become the norm.

So. Amidst all of that. I am going to a wedding. A traditional Korean wedding. This weekend. Yes, it is someone in the family – a possible distant cousin? I met her a few months ago, along with her boyfrann. She is nice and they’re cute. Anyway, this wedding is something to check off of the bucket list. I mean, I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty excited. This is my first real wedding and I have no idea what to expect. Everyone has different reactions to the ones they go to – so I’ve stopped listening to their general overviews.

Anyway. The point is. A friend and I were sitting outside the 7/11 one night after work. We were cutting time out of our busy, chaotic schedules to finally plan out our lives. Which has been postponed for six months. More like seven. Yes, pretty daunting, I must say. Just staring at a blank list, not knowing what to write down first. Words were all jumbled in our heads. Look, I know I want to write, edit, travel. But then, I love art. Art history to be more exact. So for months, I was heavily considering being a museum curator. I could go back to school, get my Master’s Degree in Art History (and narrow down the focus to European Renaissance Art after awhile) and get an internship at an art museum (not too picky on the country). But. That job market isn’t too ideal right now, and a big risk. So, almost back to square one. Then, suddenly, I remembered the suggestion of photojournalism. Hm. Light bulb. However, that job field is so broad so I needed to figure out what kind of photojournalism I could pursue. Somehow, I was messing around on the internet, and researching the job criteria of photojournalism, and I stumbled upon the option of wedding photojournalism. It was like a spark went off. So there I was for an hour staring at the various photos that photographers have taken of all the precious moments during this one, momentous day. I was immediately lost in this world of hidden smiles, repressed tears, and overlooked gestures. I mean, this is just one day out of a new couple’s lifetime, and there is just so much emotion and chaos crammed into one important day. There is just something so pure and priceless to be able to capture all of those quick moments.

Therefore. After all those years of digging for possible professions and eventually coming up empty-handed, I think I found the one. The job soulmate. Bam. Yes, it is going to painful at times and yes, there is a bit of risk involved. But, it is time to grow a pear again and jump into it willingly with both feet. After this whole explosive experience of living in the ROK, I’ve finally learned that you don’t get anywhere worthy without taking a risk, and giving it a fair chance.

Well. Time to invest in a camera.            security camera


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