Magic Man.

Okay. I’m the second week in. Not too many scars or bruises. I’ve been late two times; once in the morning and once in the evening (yeah, what). Apparently I’m still getting used to the time management thing. Ffs. The classes are getting better, especially the evening ones. Every teacher has their favorite class, and for me, it’s my very last one of the day. It’s my biggest class with 5-6 students – most of them enjoy conversation and openly talk with each other. We discuss Korea, other countries, their kids, marital frustrations, drinking, and even weed. I really do enjoy my time spent with them.

As for Ingyedong itself. Well. I’m slowly adapting. I’ve got rid of most of the boxes, my internet works, I’ve ramped up some normal exercise habits, and I plan to hang up pictures soon. It’s so strange having that afternoon break. I mean, no complaints. I get to catch up on my House of Cards.

Summer will be here soon. It’s not that warm yet, but that particular season has been known to creep up on you unknowingly. Honestly, this is my favorite time of year in Korea. So many unexpected things happen during those long summer days. I catch myself thinking back to last year. There are no suitable words for all the memories:

Short shorts. The unbreakable bond with Tristan. Doing the unplanned with Kate and Heather. Drinking in “the park” by our apartment. Getting unbearably sweaty at Go-gos. Wearing cute tank tops or strapless dresses. 7/11 soju trips, then drinking outside. Making new friends. Taking a million pictures. Obsessing over TOMS. House (more like small apartment) parties. ULTRA. Being in “love.” Trying out new bars in Seoul. Beach trips. Live bands. Gorgonzola mashed potatoes. Climbing out of windows. Drunk random people. Sleepovers. And all of my LCI buttheads.

But. I know that this summer will be even better. Here’s to wishful thinking!



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