Natasha Bedingfield.

It’s been three days in so far. Three days back in the battlefield, full of sweat, snot, and tears. And, luckily, no new life-scars. Yet. Anyway, I am now back at LCI – yes. It’s weird seeing that fact out in the open. Never in any future lifetimes would I imagine myself coming back here. At first, it seemed meant to be. I mean, everything fell “perfectly” into place, especially the timing of it all. I was already planning on leaving my previous job due to…well, various reasons. And I was at a movie theater one evening, trying to figure out what movie to watch by myself (yes, I LOVE doing that from time to time. and yes, I was going to watch the latest Transformers movie again.) but here comes a surprising phone call from a boss from the past. Was he just checking up on me? No. Was he wondering if my time in Korea was going well? No. Did he need to vent about the recently published blog that basically tore him and his wife a new asshole? No. (Later, yes.) He was actually trying to offer me a part-time job. (??????) To him, the word “part-time” meant only two hours difference from a full-time job. I told him that I would think about it. “Are you hungry, did you already eat.” Um, yeah. Thanks. Bye. At that point, I figured it was best to head home – seeing a movie didn’t seem like a swell choice anymore. Fast-forwarding many days later, I found myself walking to LCI on a Friday, while mentally deciding on how I would negotiate having him provide an apartment for me. In the back of my mind, I knew what he would say. But it was worth a shot. So, I walk up the stairs, and into the main office. Yeah, weird. However, seeing the familiar faces was beyond gratifying. Many of those kids are dolls. Even the complete crazy ones. I thought to myself,”Okay. Maybe this could work.” The boss man met me in the room where he has held a few “conferences” before. It looked exactly the same. He, however, did not. He looked tired – like he was extremely over the job, this school, all of this shit. I actually felt sorry for him. He began the conversation with a rant, about blogs, teachers, life. It was tough to digest it all at once. In my head I was like, “Whaaaat.” “How the…” “You serious?” “Dude, no way.” “Um. Just. No.” “Shit. Wow.” What did I just walk into right now. I sat there for awhile, silently. I thought it best not to respond rashly, especially if I’m not completely behind what I say aloud. Then, came the topic of the future horse business. I’d rather not get into that right now. His wife came in eventually, to help discuss the part-time job and its expectations. She seemed happy, but yeah, she looked completely exhausted too. So basically, I would be teaching the new 5-year old class, until 4  p.m. everyday. I was about to bring up the topic about housing. Buuuuut, then came another bomb. Apparently, the new teacher, who was supposed to show up in a few days was completely M.I.A. Like, he was backpacking around Canada (Yeah, who the fuck backpacks in Canada…) and now, he is “missing.” Not okay. So then, the both of them offer me his job instead. Within a two second time span. I honestly didn’t have a good reason to refuse. Plus, I needed a new apartment since I needed to move out of the previous one within three days. Plus, I needed a new job. Plus, there are numerous other factors to explain why I’m not crazy for taking this plunge.

Okay. So. My classes. I have a group of four students. Considerably smaller than last year. And much quieter too. It’s beyond weird. However, the kids have good chemistry together which is fine. They have Phonics everyday and Arts and Crafts are divided up into two different days. Everything else is pretty much random on the curriculum. Mensa. Just. What? Anyway, the afternoon kids I already know. They are getting so tall! And super rowdy. I love it. My schedule is pretty solid, very little complaints on my part. One of my favorites, Will – I really think he got a tattoo on his arm. Of a Chinese dragon. I mean, it’s been about a week, and it’s still there. Either that, or he doesn’t shower..?

So, here’s hoping to a successful year. Filled with deafening noises, mama drama, coffee binges, and indescribable wtf’s.

3 2 1 Leggo.                   Yippee


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