Photo Challenge #1: Descent.

It’s a ready opportunity.

You, as a mere human being, have a valued vantage point. You are a liberated recipient for a story. Or the possibility of one. Movement is wherever you look – shutters swinging closed in secrecy, the steady swaying of balcony flowers, random hand gesturing out the window, a beautiful flag swirling around a century-old statue as if to say, “Hey. Hey! Look! This is not just another monument. It breathes tales of our past, and whispers secrets of our future.” Your mind can travel to imagine what will become of all the dynamism that’s been regarded. How will these instances end? Yeah. Your eyes may never return to its former state of oblivion.

— — — :

“This week, show us your interpretation of descent — experiment with your point of view and angle, or go even deeper with the theme.”

 venice window

venice window 2

rome statue


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