Photo Challenge #2: Minimalism.

There is something so pure here.

One object, or focal point, and plenty of negative space. The story comes solely from perspective: What, Where, Why. Maybe its power comes from the fact that anyone can interpret what they see and come up with entirely differing conclusions. Your experiences, your emotions, your ephemerality: each and every one of you is gifted with a unique, personal context.

— — —

“In this week’s challenge, show us your minimalist photos. Find an interesting texture, color, or silhouette. Maybe there is a story that you can tell with your minimalist photo. Try an interesting angle with your composition to turn a traditional scene into a minimalist one, by eliminating as much of the extra detail in the background as possible. Make sure you’ve got good contrast, and your focus is nailed on the part of the photo that is telling the story.”

light jeju

jeju rock

heads will roll



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