Upside Down


These days it’s rough finding a voice to write. Ideas used to flow all the time – I would always have something to jot down or play with. But now, complete blanks. Even now whilst sitting here and staring at this computer screen, I still can’t come up with much. Years before, I decided that writing was my thing. That it would be my lifelong hobby, opening my eyes to inspiration in this crazy world. Maybe I just need a minute to reflect on everything that has happened – I’m grossly out of practice. Reflection has become an unfortunate pasttime, seeming only to be a quaint luxury. Eh. Worth a shot:

Currently, I am unemployed. And have moved in with my grandma for the time being. I considered it a much-needed vacation, especially after the ridiculous nature of my last job. It’s been about 3 months of relaxation and becoming more human again, along with a few amazing surprises along the way. I do a couple freelancing activities to keep busy, but I basically do chores, gym rat things, and keep Daiz (my little Yorkshire) in line. The days go by so fast, I’m barely keeping up. I could easily get another teaching job at a hogwan, but I want something more. Also, I don’t want to deal with leaving the students again – that was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. It felt like I was abandoning them to a cunt nugget of a boss. However, it’s not like I could’ve stayed – so heart-torn and utterly exhausted, I told myself that I would never teach Korean kids again. LCI was the end of that chapter. Therefore, I am looking into job opportunities on the Air Force base here at Osan/Songtan. They have positions available, so I have applied and now am playing the waiting game. I’m ridiculously excited for the prospect of starting something new, career-wise. It’s time. I’m 25 years old, and need to begin adulting.

Many of my friends have either moved or just remain in past memories. That concept of people leaving will never become a norm, no matter how often it actually occurs. When you’re outside of your comfort zone, in a whole different world of a country, strangers become friends and acquaintances become family. It can be a beautiful cycle, or it can be heart-wrenching. Either way, I never have any regrets. I truly believe you meet people for a reason. They can push you to grow, and open your eyes to better perspectives. They can help shape your future. You can help shape theirs. Something magical can take effect. In the end, not all relationships stick. But the ones that do will forever secure a place in your illuminated heart. I love knowing that my loved ones are all over the world, on that search of what they want out of life. Australia, Spain, Italy, Bahrain, South America, even stateside.

Young, wild, and free. That’s something that will never change.



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