Whethan Flux Pavilion MAX.

Puke. I’m pretty embarrassed with my commitment of writing. Blogging in particular. It’s already been a year, and I’ve documented zero things in my life. Where the fuck do I even start? Maybe when I moved to my parents’ house…err, then promptly moved back out again. Or. When I’ve changed jobs like four times. Oh, I can talk about my inability to adult. Although, that would take days, at least 5 bottles of wine, and possibly a pastor to figure out the whys of that one.

I think my main issue is that I thought I would have everything figured out by now. May I say again that IT’S BEEN A YEAR NOW since moving back stateside. And I still find myself headbutting obstacles that are even more stubborn than I am, which therefore puts my life at an utter standstill. My main concern has always been my job, my occupation, my purpose. I’ve long decided that teaching is my life goal. But getting to that point has been quite the challenge. I moved to Columbus back in April (after being in Dayton since January) – I didn’t want to be one of those kids that moved back home, and nine years later had relocated to the basement with an expansive gaming system and a practical investment of a purple mini-fridge (filled with gluten-free shit of course). No. After living in Korea for three years on my own, I couldn’t forfeit my independence for paralyzing comfort. Look, my parents have huge hearts, but after college, we’ve rarely saw eye to eye on anything. Especially when it came to my life’s purpose – I still wanted to see the world, they wanted me to settle for stability and a 9-5 gig. At home. Maybe I just love learning everything the hard way. I worked at two different restaurant jobs since then, trying to make ends meet. Those ends didn’t meet. At all. I couldn’t afford the studio apartment I was living in at the time, and chose to be evicted. I mean, there were meth cookers living down the street anyway and I didn’t have time to be involved in a drug ring at that particular moment. With some weird luck, my boyfriend was moving to another house during that time so I just took his old room and now am sharing a townhouse with one of his best friends. That whole debacle, mixed in with family dramatics, didn’t cause me to lose my mind just yet. The second restaurant job was a little higher-end, so it paid more bills. *Snap, snap* “I’m visiting from the South, and know my dark beers, give me the list of what’s available, and don’t proceed to fuck with me.” Yo, I’m just giving you some water to hydrate that dick mouth of yours. But, I still missed teaching and being around kids. Thus began the job hunt again. After doing some thorough research, I settled on pursuing the local YMCA. Many months ago, before accepting the first restaurant job, I had interviewed with them before. But, decided to not accept it since the other would seem to provide more compensation (since I was borderline broke). “You’ll make tons of money since we entertain multiple Chase clients here!” Yeah, networking parties filled with people that show up to said parties shouldn’t even be out in public. “Hey, waitress, could you keep an eye on my purse? When I drink, I tend to give my own things away. All my emergency condoms are gone.” NoGetTheFuckAwayFromMeKThx. The YMCA job was a before and after school program, and I would travel around to different schools in the area until one had a permanent position that opened up. Look, it seemed great in theory. And, it brought me closer to the field of education. But it wasn’t actual teaching and that’s what I wanted – so, bye-bye to the YMCA. Now, about a year later, I have received my substitute license and can legally teach in schools. That was like, just this week.”Hey class, what happens when you continue to not follow rules as an adult?” “You get sent to jail, and you die.” (Note: This was when I was shadowing another teacher…) One little achievement at a time – I’ll get to the public school arena, eventually.



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